Alyssum Montessori School

Alyssum Montessori School

Located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, we are a school for ages 3-12.  Our mission is to nurture and support young, curious minds to explore their world in a way that feels authentic to the learner.

Welcome to Alyssum Montessori School, a member of the Wildflower Schools Network.

The Wildflower Schools Network is an innovative, educational approach started in 2014 at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Our schools offer a community for children and families who seek a unique educational experience that is peaceful, inspiring, and firmly rooted in Montessori philosophy.

There is power and joy when learners find personal meaning in the world around them.  This is when true learning occurs.  At our school, children follow their interests along paths prepared by teachers who ensure students are mastering core subjects as they develop socially and emotionally.  

By providing a small school environment in our vibrant city, we hope to connect home, neighborhoods, and the greater community in a way that models peace and collaboration for our students.

Because enrollment is always changing, Alyssum Montessori encourages all interested families to apply for the school year in which they are interested.  Our primary and lower elementary classrooms have openings for the 2022-2023 school-year so Alyssum is able to consider applications for children who are ages 3-8.  Once our classes are full, all other applicants will be added to our waitlist and contacted as enrollment changes. To accommodate preschool families we have added a few ½ day opportunities. Apply now!  Our classes fill up quickly.  Updated March 24, 2022

Please visit our Facebook page or Enrollment Tab for more information about the enrollment process and dates for our Parent Information Sessions.